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New Email Service

Send and receive emails using your email address.
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Old Email Service

Access your old emails that were received before Oct 20, 2007.
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Current Status 

  • The new email service sends and receives emails using your email address
  • The old email service is alive only to access your old stored emails. It can still send out emails, but cannot receive emails.
  • Switch to the new service immediately. Your account information has already been moved.

Advantages and Benefits of the New Service

In addition to proudly expressing your Stanlean identity, the new email service also provides these great features: 


  • Large 3 GB mailbox - never delete an email
  • POP and IMAP access - access email using your favorite mail client  (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) 
  • Less obtrusive text advertisements. No pop-ups, no flashy advertisements.
  • Ability to send email using any other email address.
  • Powered by Google - fast, cutting edge technology with new features being added periodically. 


  • Create as many calendars as you want (work, school, personal, etc.)
  • Manage your schedule and appointments. 
  • Share specific calendars with other people (e.g. share your work calendar with your colleagues and share your personal calendar with your family)
  • Send meeting requests to other members. 


  • Chat (text and voice) with other members using the Google Talk program
  • Chat with anyone using the Google Talk program on any domain (gmail, or others).




This page was last updated on
October 24, 2009. 

If you had an email account at prior to January 15, 2007, it is now moved to our new email service. Please read below to find out how to activate it, or to get a new email account.

If you have any problems, comments, questions or suggestions, please email To make the transition smooth and to help the webmaster (just one person doing it in the very little available free time) easily migrate more than 500 users easily, please follow the instructions exactly.

I. Definitions

  1. Old Email Service - this refers to our old Email service which is available at All accounts created here before January 15, 2007 are moved to the new service, and the old service stopped receiving emails on October 20, 2007. Do not sign up for new email accounts at the old service. It is still accessible so that users may retrieve their old emails.

  2. New Email Service (or "Current Email Service") - this is the service that replaced the old service as of October 20, 2007. It is available at and provides email addresses of the form This service is powered by Google, and has features similar to Google's GMail email service.

  3. Stanlean - For purposes of this email service, a "Stanlean" is defined as a person who is or was a student, staff, faculty or alumni of Stanley Medical College, Government Stanley Hospital, Government RSRM Hospital, or any other hospitals, labs or colleges that come under the umbrella of Government Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India. Students are defined as registered students or trainees (interns, residents, fellows) of programs (medical, nursing, paramedical, etc) offered by Stanley Medical College and affiliated institutes.

  4. - also known as The Stanley Medical College Network, is a website run by Stanlean Alumni since 1999 to unite the present, past and future Stanleans from all over the world. This website is available at

II. Terms of Use

  1. Only for Stanleans (and special invitees) - email accounts are only available to present or past Stanleans (as defined in secion I.3) and to selected non-Stanlean invitees of If you are neither a Stanlean nor a invitee, please do not sign up by misrepresenting as one. If you do so, we may delete these email accounts at our discretion.
  2. No spamming, harassment or illegal activities - our email service is provided in good faith that they shall only be used for genuine communications. Spamming (sending unsolicited bulk email), harassing our members and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited. Violators will have their email accounts banned, and may be subject to legal action.

III. Existing Email Users who want to keep the same username

If you already had an email address on the old email services, and want to keep the same username on the new email service, follow these instructions. 

Your old username will be reserved for you on the new service until March 31, 2008. These simple instructions are the ONLY way to activate the same username on the new email service.

Please go to the old email service, and log on using your username and password there. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot your password?" link to retrieve it.

Please send an email from your account on the old email service (this is our only way to verify that you are the rightful owner of that username) to with the following information:

  • Email subject should be "Reactivate email account request"

  • Email body (content) must have the following four lines :
  1. Your first name(s) - these are any names other than your family name or surname.
  2. Your last name - this is your family name or surname (initials are acceptable).
  3. Your Stanlean position and time period. E.g. "MBBS, Joined 1994" or "MD General Medicine, joined 2000" or "Faculty, Pathology, 1960-1970".
  4. An alternate email address to receive the reply. This is because the old email service cannot receive the replies. It can only send them. We will send your new password to this alternate email address.
WARNING: All unclaimed old usernames will be deleted on March 31, 2008, and will be made available to everyone on a first come first served basis.

Note: If your old username had an underscore ( _ ) in it, it will be replaced with a hyphen ( - ) on the new email service. This is because Google email service does not permit underscores in the email addresses.

IV. New Email Users; and Existing Users who want a new username 

If you did not have an email account on our old email service, follow these instrutions. If you had an email account, but want a different username on the new account, follow these instructions as well:

Please send an email (from any email address) to with the following information:

  • Email subject should be "New email account request"

  • Email body (content) must have the following four lines :

    1. Your first name(s) - these are any names other than your family name or surname.
    2. Your last name - this is your family name or surname (initials are acceptable).
    3. Your Stanlean position and time period. E.g. "MBBS, joined 1994" or "MD General Medicine, joined 2000" or "Faculty, Pathology, 1960-1970".
    4. Preferred username for the email account. - this will form your email address ( Please give us your top three choices. Your topmost choice that is currently available will be assigned to you.

Username restrictions:

  • Only letters (in the English alphabet), numbers, hyphen and period (or "dot", defined as the . character) are permitted in the username. No spaces or underscores.
  • If your first choice is not available, we will try your second or third choices. We will then email you the activated username and password. 
  • Usernames misrepresenting an official capacity (e.g. dean, professor, registrar, administrator, etc) are prohibited, and the webmaster's decision is final in this regard. Such misrepresenting email addresses may be deleted at any time at the webmaster's discretion. If you are indeed an official of Stanley, please email the webmaster and we will provide you this email address after proper verification.

V. Policy on Duplicate / Multiple Accounts

  1. Due to the limited availability of email accounts, users are requested not to create multiple email accounts. This is to enable as many users to have an email address as possible.

  2. We do not explicitly prohibit multiple email accounts per person, but if we run out of available user accounts, we may give advance notice and delete these extra accounts as we find them.

  3. Those requiring extra email addresses are recommended to create those extra accounts from a free email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Refiffmail, etc.

  4. Please note that this policy applies only to email accounts on our new email service, and not the user accounts on